Terms and Conditions

Support Local Biz

Terms and Conditions


Service Contract with nj.digital provides the customer with:

  • A “storefront” on www.supportlocalbiz.us.
  • Coupon management once per month
  • Database management
  • Quarterly email blast on customized template to the customer’s database
  • Marketing components that will link back to supportlocalbiz.us.

As a division of nj.digital, we provide Internet based services including Support Local Biz (the “Service”). Support Local Biz Services include, but are not limited to the ability to (1) create, deliver and maintain Internet-based special offers, (2) create and manage a custom microsite and (3) send bulk “permission-based” emails. Hereafter are the terms and conditions for use of the Services by Customer. By signing this Agreement, the signing party (the “Customer”) is willfully accepting its terms and conditions.

Grant of Right:  nj.digital grants Customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the Support Local Biz Service in the market described in this contract. Beyond the Service described in this Agreement, Customer shall have no other rights to the Service. nj.digital shall be the sole owner of the Services, including all intellectual property rights, marks, patents proprietary information, and know-how which are used or useful in providing the Service, and have the sole right at its discretion to modify, change, cancel or update the Services. No other rights expressed or implied, except as expressly stated in this Agreement are granted to the Customer herein.

Payment:  Merchant authorizes nj.digital to charge Merchant’s credit card for the Payment(s) due under the terms of this Agreement.  The initial payment will be processed upon receipt of the signed Agreement and monthly thereafter on a recurring basis. Monthly payments are due until termination of this agreement by nj.digital or the Customer.

Term and Termination of Agreement:  This agreement will become effective upon the Effective Date of the Agreement and remain in effect for a minimum of six (6) months. Thereafter, cancellation of this agreement must be done in writing and can be sent to support@nj.digital.us.  Termination notification must be received at least 10 days in advance of the scheduled payment date for that month.  The online “storefront” and all other services will be deactivated as of the termination date.  All fees paid for services provided are nonrefundable.

Indemnification:  You will indemnify us and hold us harmless for all damages, losses and costs related to all third party claims, charges and investigations, caused by 1) your failure to comply with this Agreement, including your submission of content that violates third party rights and applicable laws, 2) any content submitted to nj.digital, 3) any activity in your account or which you engage in or through your use of our services, and 4)your interactions with your patrons.  nj.digital does not guarantee that the services it provides will function without interruption or errors in functioning.  In particular, the operation of the services may be interrupted due to maintenance, updates, or system or network failures. nj.digital disclaims all liability for damages caused by such interruption or errors in functioning.

We reserve the right to modify, supplement or replace the terms of the Agreement, effective upon providing you with notification of this change.  If you do not wish to agree to the modifications, you can terminate this agreement according the terms outlined in “Term and Termination Agreement” section listed above.

You hereby affirm that you are authorized to bind the entity you are signing on behalf of to all of the terms and conditions hereto. Upon your detailed review and analysis of this Agreement in its entirety, you believe that it is in the best interest of your respective organization to enter into this agreement on its behalf and hereby voluntarily do so by executing it below.