Retail Shopping in the Jersey Shore

shutterstock_333722087During the holidays we can fall into the trap of just going to one superstore to get all of our gifts and call it a day. This can mean that we come out with impersonal items that we just grabbed because it was convenient, but is that really what the holidays are about? Buying something just for buying something’s sake and making it as easy as possible?

I’m going to say no, that doesn’t exactly exemplify the holiday spirit.
As I walk down the shopping area in Point Pleasant I smile, because there is something beautiful about the eclectic mix of shops that each specialize in something different. The shop for little girls filled with dolls and pink tutus would be a perfect place to buy my daughter’s Christmas gift. I think my son would love a handmade train-set from the other shop down the street for his birthday. My mom would love a seashell wind chime.
Areas like this encourage us to practice mindfulness. It gives us an opportunity to choose each gift with thoughtfulness, care and love.
They also give us the opportunity to have one-on-one care with the dedicated owner of the shop. When we aren’t sure what we need, or where to find it there’s no need to hunt down an employee who has had little to know training with the merchandise. Instead of the impersonal rush, there is a chance to slow down and be cognizant of the process and choose our purchases intentionally.
Local clothing shops can help you narrow down your needs and wants and help you select clothes that you will really love instead of rushing you in and out of dressing rooms. The employees are kind and polite because they are happy where they work. They aren’t bogged down by a conglomerate who doesn’t care about them and only uses them. They have a real one-on-one working relationship with the owner.
This is the difference, and this is why taking a few extra minutes and shopping in the Jersey Shore area is worth it. Not only are you supporting the local economy and your neighbors, you’re getting real help and receiving care that is genuine.
Take time to be mindful this holiday season and buy gifts that have thought and love behind them from local retailers in New Jersey!