Make Your New Years Resolution to Shop Local!

2017 is a new year and a new chance to boost your local economy by pledging to shop local!

Shopping local means shopping at locally owned businesses. When you spend $100 locally, around $68 stays in your community, as opposed to shopping with a large corporation, where only $48 stays in your local economy. Choosing to shop local in 2017 can directly have an effect on not just your local economy, but your neighbor.
When you shop locally, you aren’t paying into the million dollar income of some CEO that lives in another state, you’re helping a community member pay their bills.
Shopping with small businesses can have a big impact that shouldn’t be underestimated. Shopping with independently owned businesses is a simple way to make a difference in your community.
Not sure where to buy groceries locally? Contact New Jersey farmers and farmers markets or local dairies for pick up or delivery!
For clothes and other everyday needs, just try your local main street!
Putting money back into your local economy can only benefit you, and your neighbors.
So make investing in your community your resolution this year!
Find local businesses and get started NOW!