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Why Supporting Local Businesses Matters

We say, “Shop local!” a lot, but what exactly does that mean? It can be a socially ambiguous term, I mean, Wal*Mart is local, right?
What we are really saying, is we want you to be supporting local businesses that are independently owned by people in your community. We want you to go to the grocery store owned by the deacon at your church.

When you invest in your community, you invest in your family and your future. Large, impersonal corporations perpetuate income inequality and take large percentages of their income out of the community they feed off of.

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    Top 8 Reasons To Advertise Locally Now

    • LOCAL Directory – no national chains EVER!
    • SLB will be heavily promoted on digital media throughout Central and Southern New Jersey!
    • Coupons allow you to capture the interest of potential new customers!
    • Easily create your own business database to send coupons, newsletters & birthday greetings!
    • Customer reviews – have every customer leave a review before leaving the store!
    • Your business will be promoted and highlighted on SLB social media & marketing!
    • Customers have multiple ways to reach out to you right from your SLB landing page!
    • Links to your website to increase your SEO!